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Space To Create! | Voice Maps

15 February 2020

12–4pm | Free Entry

Led by Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott (lecturer in Linguistics, University of Southampton) invites you to explore the uniqueness and value of you and your family’s voices. You’ll learn about the phonetic and sociolinguistic science behind your own voice and accent, and you’ll then be guided through the use of cutting-edge software that will allow you to create a ‘map’ of your voice and make it into a badge.
Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott is a Sociophonetician and a Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Southampton. Her work looks at accents, dialects and language change – particularly the role of children and teenagers as linguistic innovators. Read more about Sophie and her work here.
Interruptions/Disruptions is co-organised by Dr Eleanor K. Jones, Dr Priti Mishra and Dr Sarah Hayden, and funded by the Public Engagement with Research Unit at the University of Southampton.

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