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Haroon Mirza: Waves and Forms

19 October 2019 - 11 January 2020

John Hansard Gallery is delighted to present Waves and Forms, a major solo exhibition by Haroon Mirza. The show highlights the artist’s ongoing exploration of waveforms: how they are perceived, the emotional and physical responses they create and the various ways in which we relate to them. 

Mirza’s artworks are united by an enduring preoccupation and engagement with diverse disciplines including physics, shamanism, artificial intelligence and astrology. He has won international acclaim for installations that test the interplay and friction between sound waves, light waves and electric current. 
As an advocate of interference, Mirza creates situations that purposefully cross wires. He devises sculptures, performances and immersive experiences that skilfully blend ancient and contemporary technologies, offering up composite installations that mix an eclectic range of materials.  
Mirza will fill all John Hansard Gallery's spaces with new and reconfigured works focussing on sound, light, electricity and water, and the interaction between these waveforms. He describes himself as a composer, working with physical phenomena and found and created instruments, to create complex works that embrace both the everyday and the sublime. Through his work, processes are left exposed and sounds occupy space in an unruly way, testing codes of conduct and charging the atmosphere. 
Haroon Mirza is represented by Lisson Gallery. Further information on the artist can be found here.

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Haroon Mirza
Haroon Mirza, /\/\/\ /\/\/\, 2017. Installation view, Dancing with the Unknown, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, 2018. Courtesy hrm199, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Lisson Gallery. Photo: Per Wessel