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SÓNic Interventions | The Loré Lixenberg “Singterview”

29 June 2018

6pm | Free entry, drop-in

Musicians from SÓN, Southampton’s professional orchestra, present a series of evening events in response to ARTIST ROOMS: Gerhard Richter. Artistic Director and Conductor Robin Browning showcases a series of musical interventions which respond to the works on display in the Gallery spaces. Featuring music stretching from Bach to Anna Clyne, SÓN also introduce new works commissioned specifically for these events. Each intervention focusses on a key response to Richter’s work: Bach & Abstract, Minimalism, 48 Portraits, and ‘220 Fragments’ – crowdsourcing the compositional process.

SÓN have curated an intoxicating blend of new and old, journeying from solo Bach to improvised and newly-commissioned works. There’s even music which the audience will create, too, as we explore crowd-composing and musical chance. SÓN musicians, alongside stunning guest artists and associated composers, present this series of SÓNic Interventions to you this summer – right next to the very artwork which inspired them.
Who are SÓN
Founded by Robin Browning, són is a professional chamber orchestra – a versatile newcomer to the UK stage: passionate, virtuosic and flexible. Made up of some of the country’s finest orchestral, chamber and solo players, són is generating a real buzz amongst concert-goers and the UK’s orchestral community. Browning is also an inspirational teacher, running the highly-regarded Conducting Course at the University of Southampton, and a Lecturer with the University Music Department.
The Loré Lixenberg “Singterview”
Celebrated vocal artist Loré Lixenberg brings her engaging vocal pyrotechnics to Southampton in this newly-created response to Richter’s “48 Portraits” – a series of black and white over-painted photographs of many of the twentieth century’s most impactful men: composers, scientists, writers and politicians. Lixenberg weaves her semi-improvisational responses over a gorgeous tapestry of sounds, extracts and music from those featured in the “48” – including Puccini, Sibelius and Mahler alongside texts by Rilke, Kafka and Thomas Mann.

Free entry // Drop-in