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30 July - 2 November 2013

This exhibition celebrates the work of young people who participated in a weekly Arts Award programme from the 26 October 2012 – 26 July 2013, in partnership with the Southampton Youth Offending Service.

During this nine-month programme led by the John Hansard Gallery, funded by the Winchester School of Art Research Centre for Global Futures in Art, Design and Media, young people aged 15-18 from the Southampton Youth Offending Service, created work inspired by five John Hansard Gallery exhibitions; Jochem Hendricks (6 November – 20 December 2012); Photobook Show (JHG Central); (2 February – 2 March 2013); Transformism: Melanie Jackson and Revital Cohen (22 January – 9 March 2013); Juneau Projects (JHG Central) (19 March – 17 April 2013); Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson: England and Wales 1969 (11 May – 17 August 2013).

Embedding the Arts Award qualification, young people visited and creatively explored these exhibitions through five thematic modules; Identity (26 October - 21 December 2012), Narrative (11 January – 22 February 2013); Environment (1 March – 19 April 2013); Culture (26 April – 7 June 2013) and Motion (14 June – 26 July 2013). As result of this programme, participants were able to explore contemporary art practice whilst being provided with a supportive environment to positively reflect on their own lives and sense of self.
All of the young people who participated in this programme completed the Bronze Art Award and the majority of whom have successfully re-engaged back into in education and or subsequently gained employment.

The John Hansard Gallery would like to thank all of the staff at the Southampton Youth Offending Service and the following individuals for their support with this programme:

Programme Artist-Educators: Kristianne Drake, Xavier Fiddes, Joel Papps.
Southampton Solent University Student Volunteers: Faye Phillips, Donna Slidel, Katrina Graef Thompson and Megan Walden.