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British Art Show 8 needs your vinyl!

14 November 2015 - 21 November 2015

For British Art Show 8, Eileen Simpson and Ben White source vinyl records of chart hits from 1962 – the last year that commercial recordings can be retrieved for public use until 2034 due to recent legal revisions – and extract sounds from them to produce a ‘public sonic inventory’. Available online at the Open Music Archive, the artists have assembled an inventory of individual notes, percussive elements and vocal phonemes, for a new audio-visual work assembled during the exhibition’s tour. The first part of the work is currently installed at Leeds Art Gallery, as part of the first leg of the British Art Show 8.

Working in Southampton
For the next part of the project the artists are asking people in Southampton that were teenagers in the 1950s and 1960s to share their record collections. They are specifically looking for pre-1963, 7 inch vinyl 45s (eg. Helen Shapiro, The Everly Brothers, Carole King, Little Eva etc. – also including pop, reggae, jazz, calypso). This material will be digitised and public domain copyright-expired elements obtained.
The best way to be sure we can use your record is to look at the label on the record and check for dates. For example:
Recording first published ie.1962 (or 1961, 1960 etc.)
See image on the right-hand side of this page as a guide.
Eileen Simpson and Ben White have been working with researchers in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London and together have developed software to trigger archive samples through live voice. The aim of the project is to use your record collection to work with young people across the city of Southampton to explore and playback material, making new sounds from sampled music.
What to do next
If you are interested in getting involved, email: or call 023 8059 2158 with details of your collection.
Please Note: All records will be returned to their owner. The artists will make a sound recording on the day, or over a short period thereafter, before contacting you with an appropriate date to collect your vinyl.

About British Art Show 8

The British Art Show provides a vital overview of the most exciting contemporary art produced in the UK. Organised by Hayward Touring, this multi-venue exhibition is presented every five years in four different cities across the country.

A central concern of British Art Show 8 is the changing role and status of the physical object in an increasingly digital age. While some artists engage with this question through traditional craft-based techniques, others experiment with modes of industrial production. 
Now open in Leeds, British Art Show 8 will tour to venues in Edinburgh, Norwich and Southampton over the course of the next 15 months. We will open our new gallery space in Guildhall Square in October 2016 with British Art Show 8 as our inaugural exhibition.

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