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Invisible Flock: If You Go Away

24 September 2015 - 31 October 2015

If You Go Away is a site-specific adventure game delivered through an app launching Autumn 2015.
Available to download in Leeds, Southampton, South Kensington, Warwick University and Middlesborough, the app enables you to discover the world of the game at any time of the day and explore the city through a strange and cinematic lens. As you explore you navigate and negotiate two geographies that of the real and the virtual world, finding the echoes and the fault lines that connect and separate the two.
Played simultaneously across five cities, audiences co-inhabit a virtual landscape in a work about presence, notions of belonging and how the environments we live in might better reflect us.
Explore and add to the emergent landscape through walking and interacting with the virtual city, leaving your own permanent marks on the world for others to discover. As the sun begins to set a story comes to life and you can embark on a journey through your streets in search of a lost tin, uncovering hidden characters and augmented realities.
If You Go Away is an experience told through sound, text and animation all tagged by GPS to real world locations and uses all the affordances of modern handsets to create a responsive, site based and data driven artwork.
We will be placing screens around central Southampton and on the University of Southampton's Highfield campus in September with details of the project.

More information on If you Go Away can be found here on the Invisible Flock website. Click here for a direct link to the app store.

"Multiplatform theatre makers of rare ambition and invention"  The Guardian
Technical requirements
Optimised for iPhone 5+ and available through the app store and on Google Play for high-end Android devices
Requires headphones, a fully charged phone and to be downloaded over Wi-Fi
Requires some 3G data usage during the experience
£0.79p to purchase

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