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Past Exhibitions & Events

King Tat: Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson

06 December - 28 January 2006

We have all dreamed of finding hidden treasures, another Tutankhamun, or a Terracotta Army. But what if, searching closer to home, we unearthed the decaying crypt of a man, preserved for eternity in his own flat? In the murky depths of the...
Campus: Copenhagen Free University, Nancy Davenport, Christian Philipp Müller

27 September - 12 November 2005

The campus: a place of learning and aspiration, or disenchantment and revolt? This exhibition explores the unique environment of university campuses, looking at their recent past and ideas surrounding their future. Canadian artist Nancy...
Panacea: Neil Bromwich, Zoë Walker, Michael Pinsky

26 July - 10 September 2005

Panacea: (n) A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. – origin Greek panakeia. Can artists provoke change in society? Can art objects become tools to improve our lives? Panacea: the art of wellbeing is an evolving,...
Alec Finlay, Jeremy Millar, Guy Moreton: There Where You Are Not

31 May - 09 July 2005

There Where You Are Not is a collaborative project featuring new works by Guy Moreton, Alec Finlay, and Jeremy Millar. The exhibition explores the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein and his interest in the landscape (of language), and architecture...
Flow Motion: Astro Black Morphologies

05 April - 14 May 2005

Astro Black Morphologies is a multimedia exhibition of work by artists Flow Motion that creates a dialogue between contemporary astronomy, digital art and electronic music. Flow Motion (artists and musicians, Eddie George and Anna Piva) has...
Gerald Giamportone: Sculptural Work 1997 - 2004

18 January - 12 March 2005

The John Hansard Gallery is delighted to be showing the work of Gerald Giamportone, an artist living and working in Los Angeles, whose work has not previously been shown in Britain. Gerald Giamportone’s work addresses important issues...
Joan Jonas: Lines in the Sand and The Shape, The Scent, The Feel of Things

16 November - 23 December 2004

The John Hansard Gallery presents the first major exhibition in the UK of one of the most influential artists working today. Joan Jonas is a key figure in performance, installation and video art and has maintained her position as a pioneer in...
An English Journey: Andrew Cross

14 September - 30 October 2004

An English Journey is the first solo touring exhibition in the UK of work by artist Andrew Cross. Short-listed for Beck’s Futures 2004, Cross began working as an artist in 2000 following an established career as a curator. An English...
Patrick Shanahan: Esperantis

06 July - 28 August 2004

Esperantis by Patrick Shanahan is a seductive and unsettling insight into the nocturnal face of the modern urban environment. These exquisite large-scale photographs explore imaginatively the notion of spatial estrangement, considering the...
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