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Past Exhibitions & Events

Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Agency of Truth: Documentary and Contemporary Art

08 January - 20 January 2013

What does it mean when artists create works that engage with social and political realities? Agency of Truth is an exhibition of selected video works that explore documentary approaches in contemporary art. Unique in their style, works included...
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Jochem Hendricks: Front Windows

06 November - 20 December 2012

This film by German artist Jochem Hendricks, projected onto the window of John Hansard Gallery Central at street level, shows the windowpanes of a large house gradually smashed from within, in changing rhythms and at changing speeds. The sequence...
Jochem Hendricks

06 November - 20 December 2012

German artist Jochem Hendricks (b. 1959) is known for his works that address complex moral and ethical issues. The objects he produces are often beautifully realised, yet beneath the surface lie elaborate backstories, which – at times...
Rona Lee: That Oceanic Feeling

28 August - 13 October 2012

That Oceanic Feeling investigates our relationship to the deep sea - the most remote and inaccessible environment on the planet. The exhibition brings together new and recent works by British artist Rona Lee, developed whilst working at the...
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Hetain Patel: Love and Marriage

08 August - 13 October 2012

Love and Marriage is a new exhibition by British artist Hetain Patel. Hetain was artist-in-residence as part of the city’s ambitious Bollywood Baraat project in 2011, led by Art Asia, which told the story of a young couple’s...
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
meanwhile II

20 July - 16 September 2012

meanwhile II is the second in a two-part series of exhibitions exploring themes of absence and omission, with part two featuring work by Susan Collis, Oona Culley, Daniel Eatock, Cadi Froehlich, Janne Malmros and Trevor H....
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Simon Pope: Memory Marathon

10 July - 21 July 2012

Memory Marathon by UK artist Simon Pope is an 80 minute film that celebrates personal memory and international spirit in the London 2012 Olympic Games host city. It documents a unique collective event when, on Saturday 7 November 2009, Pope...
Torsten Lauschmann

26 June - 11 August 2012

Born in Germany in 1970 but now one of the leading lights of the vibrant Glasgow art scene, Torsten Lauschmann is an artist, filmmaker, musician and performer whose engaging, multifaceted practice encompasses the history and pre-history of the...
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Jennifer Anyan: Embodied Memories

09 May - 30 June 2012

Embodied Memories showcases startling new artworks, poised between sculpture and couture, by artist and fashion stylist Jennifer Anyan. Each one has been developed from verbal recollections of garments and items purchased from...
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