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Past Exhibitions & Events

Wong Hoy Cheong

15 November - 20 December 2002

This Autumn, the John Hansard Gallery presents recent works by the most prominent Malaysian artist on the international scene, Wong Hoy Cheong. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for the British public to give careful consideration to his...
Once Again

17 September - 31 October 2002

Uniting 22 international artists, the exhibition examines the significance of the ‘double’ or ‘doubling’ in contemporary art practice. By presenting objects, paintings, videos, drawings and photographs, each comprising two...
Potential: Ongoing archive

25 June - 24 August 2002

The artists included in this exhibition are: Christian Dorley-Brown, Jonathan Faiers, Ella Gibbs, Jakob Jakobsen, Helmut Kandl, Rita Keegan, Ruth Maclennan, Nils Norman, Naomi Salaman, Barbara Steveni and Nasrin Tabatabai. This exhibition...
Michael Snow: almost Cover to Cover

23 April - 08 June 2002

This exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the work of one of the most influential figures in film, photography and conceptual art. Michael Snow has been producing seminal works since the 1960s, and he is perhaps best known for...
Unprincipled Passions

05 February - 23 March 2002

This John Hansard Gallery exhibition brings together eight international artists whose work examines the relationship between public and private identities and the extent to which broadcast and lens-based media cross from one sphere into the...
Gina Pane

27 November - 19 January 2002

This winter, the John Hansard Gallery launches the first UK solo exhibition of the hugely influential French artist, Gina Pane who lived and worked in Paris until her death in 1990. The exhibition is accompanied by the first English language...
Carey Young: Business as Usual

02 October - 10 November 2001

In a wide-ranging, multiform practice that encompasses video and photography, as well as a variety of other media, Carey Young considers a number of intriguing parallels between the conceptual principles of contemporary art and the new-model...
Liminal/Minimal/Nominal: architectural traces

29 May - 07 July 2001

Featuring artists Reiko Akatsuka, Erieta Attali, Jürgen Albrecht, Stephen Critchley, Cia Durante, Andrew Holligan, Luisa Lambri, Deborah Marcati, Alex Morrison, Jan van de Pavert, Claudia Pilsl, Gwen Rouvillois, Joanna Salter, Heidi Specker,...
Simon Starling

27 March - 12 May 2001

One of Britain's brightest young artists, Simon Starling's work shows, on a personal scale, where things come from and how they are made. Recycling and sustainability in materials, but more particularly in his pursuit of concepts and...
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