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Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects

18 January - 24 February 2007

"...a mosaic of truth and lies, insight and ignorance, anger, humour and humanity." The Guardian KÜBA reveals the lives of forty residents in one of Istanbul's most impenetrable ghettos. Their remarkable stories are told...
Exhibitions / Off-Site Projects
Paul Antick: itourist?

04 December - 18 December 2006

Produced by Paul Antick, itourist? is a multi-media project that uses billboard art, writing and the internet to pose a series of questions about the relationship between the Holocaust, Jewish identities and mass tourism in the 21st...
This Will Not Happen Without You

21 November - 20 January 2007

From the collective archive of The Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+ 1977-2006 This Will Not Happen Without You revisits some of the most compelling art projects, performances and events in Britain over the last thirty years. The...
Slow Life

12 September - 28 October 2006

How has today’s technological world changed our lives and values? Can we still find meaning in the obsolete or low-tech? Slow Life unites seven international artists who explore the humanity within out-dated technologies and old...
John Latham: Time Base and the Universe

04 July - 26 August 2006

Art, throughout history, has provided a vehicle for ideas. British artist John Latham (1921 – 2006), applied this to the biggest subjects of all: what is the Universe? What is God? What is knowledge? Latham aspired that art could form a...
Ergin Çavusoglu: Point of Departure

04 May - 17 June 2006

Mesmerising, elegiac journeys: Ergin Çavusoglu’s film installations transform the gallery experience into something immersive and compelling. Raised in Bulgaria as part of the Turkish minority and now based in London,...
Jonathan Lasker, Patrick Heron, Katie Pratt

14 February - 08 April 2006

Where does an abstract painting begin? With a drawing, a doodle, a chance event, a colour? And how does this define the appearance of the final work? This exhibition explores the process of ‘cause and effect’ within the work of three...
King Tat: Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson

06 December - 28 January 2006

We have all dreamed of finding hidden treasures, another Tutankhamun, or a Terracotta Army. But what if, searching closer to home, we unearthed the decaying crypt of a man, preserved for eternity in his own flat? In the murky depths of the...
Campus: Copenhagen Free University, Nancy Davenport, Christian Philipp Müller

27 September - 12 November 2005

The campus: a place of learning and aspiration, or disenchantment and revolt? This exhibition explores the unique environment of university campuses, looking at their recent past and ideas surrounding their future. Canadian artist Nancy...
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